International travel opens the door to exotic new worlds, but it can be extremely dangerous.

Whether your travel is for business, pleasure, or humanitarian missions, there are always loved ones at home waiting on your safe return. Families find comfort knowing that you planned for the worst case scenario. It is a morbid consideration to comprehensively plan for, but once you have a plan peaceof mind prevails.

Recent events dictate that we must remain proactive and ever vigilant. By using a DNA sample for identification, the process of remains repatriation is expedited as well as the ability to receive claims, or settlements, from insurance policies.

A DNA sample is also a way to assist law enforcement in the case of abduction or exploitation. Having a specimen as a tool to corroborate direction of travel and last known location can save law enforcement precious time and send them in the best direction that can result in a live recovery.

Why not take advantage of this service to provide yourself, and your family, with peace of mind during your journey?