Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Vetted International is a global services company providing catastrophic response services throughout the world. For over 10 years we have conducted thousands of investigations and medical response missions in remote and dangerous environments to include war zones. Today, Vetted utilizes its employees around the world to assist travelers for routine and emergency needs.

Anyone who travels more than 100 miles from their home on a frequent basis should have an annual membership. Vehicle operators have been enjoying the benefit of roadside assistance thru auto road-side assistance membership; Travelers have the same peace of mind by overcoming the unexpected abroad thru travel assistance membership programs.

If you don’t travel more than 100 miles from home frequently, then single-trip membership is an option.

Travel assistance membership provides you with immediate access to security and safety information as it develops on your trip. It further provides you with access to services that assist in finding lost or stolen items, access to emergency funds, and emergency medical evacuation by air ambulance when medically necessary (at no cost to you!).

Detailed services available can be viewed here.

Membership in the program is not an insurance policy and it should not be considered a replacement for insurance. Insurance provides reimbursement for loss while membership in the program assures availability of immediate services in case of an emergency. Additionally, assistance is available for non-emergency travel needs.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the location by which all routine and emergency requests for assistance are received. They are co-located with the Vetted International corporate headquarters so that they can provide immediate assistance for routine membership information as well. EOC Analysts monitor weather, news, and political climate of areas that members are travelling and provide immediate notifications of any hazards that may need to be known by the traveler. Emergency assets are also dispatched directly from the EOC and monitored thru the completion of assistance.

You may call us at any time for membership information, routine questions, trip planning or emergency assistance while travelling 24/7/365.

As a member, all travel assistance information is provided at no additional cost. Air ambulance and remains repatriation services are provided at no cost should unfortunate circumstances require such. Requests for special services may incur costs to the member, however, those are fully disclosed in advance of completing the service (i.e. cost of replacement eyeglasses being obtained and shipped to traveler location).

No, but it is helpful if you do. Your membership card contains information on how to contact us as well as your membership number. You can store this information in your mobile phone as a substitute or any other way you desire. If you contact us and you do not have your Member ID#, we will utilize other means to identify you and will provide immediate assistance.

Prior to departing on a journey, the member should register their trip (either by phone or online in the Member’s Portal).

This activates trip monitoring by which the Vetted Emergency Operations Center (EOC) can notify you of any global events that may impact the trip and/or the member’s safety. Vetted will also mobilize resources in the area of travel to increase availability in case of emergency.

Registering a trip unlocks unprecedented access to no cost evacuation and repatriation services should an emergency necessitate such. Country profiles and emergency information for the travel destination become available in the Member’s travel portal when registering a trip.